Friday, September 2, 2011

ijazah sarjana muda

it’s been a while since the last time i write an entry in this blog. I have a lot of time to make but you know, laziness surrounded me. haha..

with reference from the title, i’m about to begin my undergraduate study at Universiti Malaysia Pahang. I was offered course of Ijazah Sarjana Muda Kejuruteraan Kimia (Bachelor of Chemical Engineering) for four years of duration at UMP’s Gambang campus.

truth be told, i’m a little bit upset about getting this offer because i was hoping to continue my study at UiTM, but what can i say, my result wasn’t so good to be there. even me don’t satisfied with that really2 poor cgpa’s. But i must thank God because i’m certain that He got a better plan for me.

it’s very happy to see my family members, relatives and friends gave such a positive reaction. They encourage me to take serious and give my best shot for this opportunity. This is quite a heavy responsibility because they put a big hope to me to succeed in studies. but i think that is a form of motivation so i don’t neglect my priority in the pursuit of success.

i don’t know how the look of the campus, yet. from what i’ve heard, it’s a little bit far from main town, about 30 minutes of driving. rumours said that UMP provide a good industrial facilities for university level, get the students used to the industrial environment. I hope it’s true!

i must physically and mentally prepared to enter the undergraduate level. I should get a good cgpa’s to get scholarship (u know JPA kicked me for my bad foundation result..haha). PTPTN allowance is not really plenty to be spent off and at the end of the day, u gotta pay it back with some interest..haha..

i can’t promise good grades, but i can promise i’ll do whatever it takes to get the good grades!

jangan hangat2 taik ayam je ea..hahaha