Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Final finally

it’s 3am in the morning when i’m starting to write this. thank god my first semester’s final exam’s finally over three days ago. i kind of hoping that i could get the dean list, but i know it’s quite not possible, knowing that i got low carry marks and i pretty messed when answering exam questions. yet i’m still hoping it’d be better than foundation. i’m saying this because i worked harder than before, made a bigger effort though i know it wasn’t big enough, plus i never skipped any class on purpose, only skipped because it was rain hehe.. from 5 papers, only mechanic’s paper that i was able to answer all of the question, although it may be wrong answer. but what can i say, i’ve done everything that i can. now is the time to pray to God so He may grant my wishes. i hope that i’ll make a better and greater job for the next semester which will be starting in a month. May God bless me and give what He knows the best for me insyaAllah..pray for me guys!

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